Adam Oberlin to Edith

Adam Wenger Oberlin (1859-1921) was the son of Johannes Frederick Oberlin (1813-1889) and Nancy Anna Wenger (1818-1901). c1918 Adam penned a letter to his youngest child Edith. The letter describes some of the early Oberlin family in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Below is an excerpt transcribed by descendant Nancy Roberts Gaynor

The Oberlin’s

John Oberlin my father was a good man good to his wife, good to his children a good and active citizen and a good christian at least once a week and sometimes oftener he would gather the children together in the evening and also the strangers such as hired help and others who happened to be with us and hold a song and prayer service. In his younger days he was choir leader in the Brickerville Church Lancaster Co. Pa. We sang with out books. We had no song book at that time that I remember. Father would quote the lines and then lead the singing and the rest would join in. The singing however was spirited and good I still remember several of the hymns although I don’t remember of ever seeing them in print. Of course the singing was all in German that much despised and abused language. I shall quote two of the most popular songs The first one being one especial favorite …

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