Steve Oberlin

The story behind the Oberlin family in America is typical of the thousands of colonists who founded, established and developed our independent nation. Our family participated in the American Revolution and the massive westward migration that followed. They were among the first families of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Stark County, Ohio; and Northeast, Indiana. Researching my (our) family has provided a personal dimension and reality to those I read about in history books. There are several well known members of the family, but most are “regular” people. They all have stories to share.

My primary objective is to provide a means of communicating with family members and those who share an interest in history and genealogy. Content has been gathered from several sources, including many family members who have contacted me through this web site. I’ve made some judgments concerning conflicting and incomplete information. Additions and especially corrections are always welcome and encouraged.

As with almost all family trees, the roots and branches often take some rather diverse and somewhat interesting paths. Such is the situation with our family. Over the years, I have discovered several ancestors and distant cousins who have attained a degree of fame or notoriety. Granted, most are very distant relatives and are probably related to large numbers of the populace. It is however worth noting these people as members of our family.

In July, 2014, Mrs. Oberlin and I were privileged to visit the Oberlin family ancestral home in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany. Highlights of our visit and subsequent information relative to our European origins are published on the Liedolsheim page.

Steve Oberlin, Fishers, Indiana